7-15 october 2011

Exhibition story by Sara Capovila photos

The exhibition brings together works by AleDiMa, a sculptor living in Venice, Matteo Boato, painter Trentino, and Andreea "Cigaro" Anghel, Romanian young creative; the three artists offer a visual discourse with respect to human presence through physical and mental places.
The works on show want to provoke a discussion around the different ways to be the subject, ranging from explicit and explosive physicality of the sculptures by AleDima or paintings by Andreea Cigaro, to the almost complete dissolution of the physical detail in the environments of Matteo Boato, in which the human presence only glimpsed.

Elena Sacchetti

-Author AleDima 

-Year & Place Art Biennale Venice, Dorsoduro 47 2011

-Tecnique Lifecasting

-Exhibition: Human Being Venezia 2011 

-Pictures by Laure Jacquemine, Sara Capovilla