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AQUAPARK Wellness Center GARDA

Water park and spa in Garda (Verona)

The main element of the park on Lake Garda is the fully glazed dome with a diameter of 41 meters and a maximum height of 21 meters. The supporting structure is made of painted steel with special anti-corrosion treatments, while the glass infill is made using the structural facade ZA 52 SG.

Structural glass that does not require an external cover in aluminum, ensuring, in addition to the maximum glazed surface, the optimal flow of rain along the dome.



- Structure Design: Eng. Adriano Bonetti
-Facade Design: Working as engineer in the design and technical team of italian company Zanetti

-Dimensions: 41 meters in diameter, maximum height 21 meters

-Materials: a unique project of its kind at a national level, sees Zanetti supply the entire steel-aluminum-glass envelope.

-Commission: Aquapark Garda (VR) ITALY

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